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The Fourth Annual EYF: Turning the “Me” to “We”

The California Film Institute
Education Program


at the Christopher B. Smith
Rafael Film Center

1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael

Many of our environmental problems can be traced to the hubris of humans, who are poor stewards of the real estate we call Earth. Humanity may be defined as “we,” but in fact “we” is all living beings and ecosystems, since we are so interdependent. For too long we have defined the world only in terms of ourselves—and often in narrow terms of a small population in a small geographical area.

It’s time we defined future generations as “we” and stop thinking of generation “me”—entirely.

Watch us “build” the program

For February 13

Announcing the Keynote Speaker for
EYF 2012

Tania Pulido

Winner of the 2011 Brower Youth Award

Class 4 Fellow Tania Pulido (right) will be recognized as one of seven Brower Youth Award winners by the Earth Island Institute next month. Tania is being honored for her leadership in community development and food security in Richmond, California. She not only has dedicated herself to improving her community through her work at Urban Tilth, Tania also documents community struggles and solutions through media at Youth Movement Records‘ program at the RYSE Center.

When Tania joined Urban Tilth, she had little experience working in a garden. The organization recognized her incredible leadership ability and hired her on as the site coordinator for Berryland Garden, a neglected stretch of the Richmond Greenway. With some positive energy, a willingness to learn, and a lot of hard work, Tania is now growing 18 varieties of berries, numerous herbs, and even a fig tree in Berryland Garden. She has engaged teens from the community to take ownership of the garden to ensure that it will not fall into disrepair again, and she uses the garden as a classroom to increase their knowledge of global environmental issues. The food grown in the garden has supplied the teens and their families with healthy and nutritious options.

(From the Brower Award Website October 12, 2011)


The Final Schedule—February 13

Time RFC 1 RFC 2 RFC 3 Board
Tabling in “The Space”
8:15am–8:45am Keynote: Brower Youth Award Winner Tania Pulido Keynote Keynote
8:55am–9:55am Pipe Dreams (40) with post-film discussion
9:00am–10:20am I Bought a Rainforest (58) with post-film discussion Tabling opens
9:05am–10:50am Urbanized (85) with post-film discussion
10:20am–11:30am A Wild Idea (27) with filmmaker Q&A
10:15am–11:35am Mother (58) with post-film discussion
10:30am–12:20pm If a Tree Falls (85) with post-film discussion
11:00am–12:15pm Journey of the Universe (56) with co-director Q&A
12:30pm–2:00pm Work-in-Progress on Peak Oil and Transition
12:10pm–2:30pm  Severn, the Voice of Our Children (120)
1:00pm–2:45pm  Forks Over Knives (85) with post-film discussion
12:50pm–1:55pm With My Own Two Wheels (44) with director Q&A
2:00pm–2:30pm Transition movement discussion (schedule will be posted on the blog by 2/9) Tabling closes at 2:45pm

Trailers for the 2012 EYF

Pipe Dreams


The Cornell University Report on the XL Pipeline

Journey of the Universe

Q&A with producer/co-director Patsy Northcutt

Patsy’s love of filmmaking is coupled with her passion, creativity, and commitment to producing stories that highlight a positive and sustainable future. She’s the principal of Northcutt Productions, one of the two production companies behind the film.

For over 25 years, she’s helped produce programs that create cultural and environmental awareness in areas such as green building, alternative transportation, species extinction, solutions for the future, green plans, social justice, green(ing) business, and teen pregnancy prevention.

Recent credits include: The Bioneers Conference National Broadcast; The Ecological Footprint: Accounting for a Small Planet; Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream Pachamama Symposium Film Project; Texas Gold; and Building Sustainability with The Natural Step.

For more information, visit NorthcuttProductions.com.

With My Own Two Wheels

With a special discussion afterwards with co-director Jacob Seigel-Boettner and bicycle advocates with unique perspectives.

Producer and co-director Jacob Seigel-Boettner came home from the hospital in a bike trailer. It was love at first ride. He has produced short films in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Jacob received a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies and Global Poverty and Practice at the University of California, Berkeley.

Severn, The Voice of Our Children

Severn at Rio UN 1992

Severn pregnant in 2010

Forks Over Knives

Q&A with Carol Misseldine

Carol Misseldine has been professionally engaged in promoting environmental and animal protection initiatives for over 30 years. She currently serves as Director of Green Cities California and serves on the Advisory Board of Green Sangha and Kinship Circle. Previous positions include Sustainability Director for then-Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, Director of The Natural Step’s Great Lakes Office, and Executive Director for the Michigan Environmental Council.


Mother: Caring for 7 Billion



If a Tree Falls

Just nominated for an Academy Award

After-film discussion with activist lawyer Dennis Cunningham

Inspired by the civil rights movement to shape up after a drop-out youth, Dennis Cunningham got his law degree just in time to cut his teeth in 1968, that momentous year, defending people arrested in riots that followed the murder of Martin Luther King and protests at the Democratic National Convention. Inspired by lawyers and organizers working with the National Lawyers Guild, he helped found what is still known—and still going strong in Chicago—as the People’s Law Office.

Cunningham likes long cases. His prosecution of the FBI and Chicago Police officers after the deaths of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark lasted 12 years. His defense of 39 prisoners massacred at Attica lasted 29 years. His defense of Earth First! activist Judi Bari vs. the FBI lasted a mere 10 years. But it ended in a victory for Bari (who tragically died of breast cancer during the trial) with $4.4 million and a repudiation of the charges that the bomb that almost killed her was placed by herself.

Dennis is still out there, looking for another good, juicy, endless case …

I Bought a Rainforest

A Wild Idea


With a discussion with director Veronica Moscoso

Veronica Moscoso is a storyteller who narrates through radio, video, photography, multimedia, articles, chronicles, and short stories. She was born and grew up in Ecuador but has lived in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and now resides in California. Her short film, A Wild Idea is a documentary about the Yasuní-ITT Initiative, Ecuador’s unprecedented proposal for fighting global climate change: In exchange for payments from the world community, the country will leave untouched its largest oil reserves.

Premiere of a new film-in-progress by John Duvall on Peak Oil and the Transition Movement

Continuing our program of presenting exciting new works-in-progress in the environmental film field.

John Duvall has been a sound recordist and foley editor for many Hollywood films including War of the Roses, Hudson Hawk, Dances With Wolves, Heathers, and many PBS Nova programs. He is presently Assistant Professor of Communications leading Dominican University’s growing Cinema program in the Communications Department.

And by the way, Dominican University in San Rafael has a Green MBA program.


For February 14

A Valentine to the Earth for Ages 7–12

Turtle: the Incredible Journey

After-film speaker from Sea Turtle Restoration Project

We’re very lucky to have Chris Pincetich,  who works at the Sea Turtle Restoration Project at Turtle Island Restoration Network campaigning to save sea turtles and protect healthy ocean habitats. Chris’ sea turtle conservation work extends from the Gulf of Mexico, where he fought for increased wildlife rescue efforts during the BP oil spill, to nesting beach patrolling on the Pacific shores of Costa Rica. Chris has a doctorate in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California, Davis, and a B.S. in Marine Biology from University of California, Santa Cruz. Studying plastic pollution on our shorelines and in marine endangered species habitat is the focus of Chris’s current work in marine environmental toxicology. He’s very kid-friendly, despite all that.

and much, much more, including a 40-minute short-film collection for the very young