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Next films for APITW 2011-12

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Megan Cowan’s site Mindful Schools has this video to offer from master teacher Jon Kabit-Zinn. Megan had such limited time to get the concept along to you. Hope you are curious about it for the future. REMEMBER. It is NOT a religion.

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On April 25 the 7 month series of films called A Place In the World will end with a screening of the 2008 German film The Wave, that dramatizes a real event that happened in Palo Alto CA at Cubberley High School in the 60’s. Ron Jones, the Palo Alto teacher who was involved in the event will be there to speak to students after.

As a help to understanding the impact the event had on the students at the time we are posting this 30 minute interview CFI Education Director John Morrison did on Marin Community TV with the director of a documentary. Lesson Plan, on the event (who was also a student then) as well as Ron Jones and many other students who were part of the original event.

Ron Jones and Former Students

Go to:< http://blip.tv/file/4375300&gt;