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3rd Annual CFI Teacher Education Seminar

Thursday, September 10, 8:15 am to 3:00 pm

at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center 

Downtown San Rafael, 4th Street between A and B Streets

Seminar Admission is FREE — Your school site must pay for a substitute

most dangerous man

The Most Dangerous Man



On September 10, there will be a combined sneak preview/teacher seminar of selected Mill Valley Film Festival offerings during the Screenings for Schools program. On the 10th, teachers will have the opportunity to preview clips, learn more about the Mill Valley Film Festival Student Screening selections, and collaborate with other educators around making the festival come alive for our students as part of our curriculum. The CFI Education Teacher Outreach Team consists of Bay Area teachers, SFSU professor Mark Phillips, and CFI Education Director John Morrison, who together plan opportunities for students and teachers to use film effectively in their classes.

Some of the film clips presented at the teacher seminar include Horse Boy, the story of a family’s journey as they travel through Mongolia in search of a mysterious shaman to heal their autistic son; Jermal, an Indonesian film about a young boy on an Oil Derrick searching for his father; Mine, a documentary about saving animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; The Most Dangerous Man in America, a documentary about daniel Ellsberg; Skin, the story of a dark0skinned girl who was born to two white Afrikaner parents in South Africa during the apartheid era; Zombie Girl: the Movie; a documentary about a 12 year old girl who makes zombie films; and Music for the Revolution, a documentary detailing the cohesion of music and the civil rights movement. 

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the California Film Institute, see the films with other teachers from a variety of district and disciplines, and get your fix of good film in advance of the Mill Valley Film Festival. Your school will need to provide a substitute for the day since you will be out of class. Please RSVP to Michael Levinson, preferably via email at mlvenson@tamdistrict.org or by phone at his classroom at Tamalpais High School, 415-388-3292 ext. 5029.

Mill Valley Film Festival Screenings for Schools Oct. 8 through Oct. 18

With just an RSVP from interested teachers, the education program of the California Film Institute hosts 6-8 screenings of Festival films during the school day selected to appeal of students and be relevant of a variety of courses. As schedules permit, directors, writers or actors will be present to answer questions from the students following the film.

Looking forward to seeing you!!

CFI Education Teacher Outreach: John Morrison, Mark Phillips, Abigail Levine, Emily Satterstrom, Bettina Hughes, Alan Charne, Mary Jane Jones, Michael Levinson

Click here for the flyer (PDF).